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A Fly Eye

It is Sunday in Medora. A day of rest. Well catch up really, laundry, groceries, correspondence, shower (I have done a few of those) and an early morning hunt for images. So not really a complete day of rest. After the high winds and rain last night and the cooler overnight temps, the park called […]

My Name Is BA Badlands

Good Morning from Theodore Roosevelt National Park! Hi, my name is Badlands! That’s my mom off to the left in this picture. Her name is Cheyenne. She’s nice. See those brown things behind me? Those are bison. I’m not sure what to think of them yet. Mom keeps her distance but I would love to […]

Wild Scolding

“WILD SCOLDING” “I like to praise and reward in a loud voice and to scold in a whisper.” ― Catherine the Great Yesterday’s skirmish between Red Face and Thunder Cloud was instigated by this sweet, little, black mare – Lakota! Her band stallion, Red Face (on the right in this image) is quietly letting her […]

Fly Cuteness Alert #3

I can’t help myself! “There is nothing quite so gentle, deep, and irrational as running—and nothing quite so savage, and so wild.” ~Bernd Heinrich We had the park completely to ourselves today because of the overnight snow that layered the surrounding area with a thick white blanket! It was breathtaking! Sidekick and his mares were […]

Fly Cuteness Alert #2

“LASSEN” Warning…cuteness alert! We found our fifth foal yesterday. So far there is Badlands, Denali, Lassen, Sleeping Bear, and yesterday’s wee one is, Bryce. If you recall, the 2015 foals are being named after national parks. We found our fifth foal after an already pretty special day in the park! She/He was icing on the […]

A Fly Reminisce!

Reminisce! Yesterday was a classic North Dakota March day. Howling winds, blowing wet snow, and cold temps! All the wild life literally disappeared in the park. We felt like we were in a time warp and the only life left on the planet! One loan bachelor stallion, Flax, revealed himself to us in the morning, […]

Expressing Love

Do horses express love? Melissa joined us on Saturday from Colorado. Marylu left us on Sunday afternoon, but her years working with these horses will help us tremendously in our jobs over the next few months. Marylu’s well of knowledge on the bands, where to find them, and their history runs deep! She graciously and […]

The Light of Fly

The light, the color, the textures and the subject! The morning started overcast, moist, cold, very cold – windy, very windy and ended with beautiful sunshine and light. In spite of the weather we had a long, fruitful day in the field yesterday. Before we went looking for Blaze early yesterday morning, we first headed […]

The Fly Hunt for Blaze!

I bring you this 2012 image of Blaze, wild band stallion in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I decided to post this picture because we are going out to find him this morning. At the end of a very productive and beautiful day yesterday, we (Marylu – North Dakota Badlands Horse Group, Lincoln – Chicago resident and […]

Fly Cuteness #1

Are you prepared for cuteness this morning? Want your heart to melt? Meet Denali!!  She was born on March 17 and lives in the band of the wild stallion, Redface, in Theodore Roosevelt National Park!   Marylu Weber and I were able to find her yesterday! We cannot say we found her first. That accolade […]