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Be A Beacon

“Be an anchor for a mustang, be like the North Star the beacon of inspiration and hope, to guide and lead, to be their torchbearer to a new purpose and freedom.” ~Deb STAR OF THE NORTH MUSTANGS Welcome to the new series, Star of the North Mustangs! Star of the North Mustangs is inspired by […]

earth is not ours

“The local stories told by rocks in all parts of the world have been stitched together into a great global tapestry – the geologic timescale. This “map” of Deep Time represents one of the great intellectual achievements of humanity, arduously constructed by stratigraphers, paleontologists, geochemists, and geochronologists from many cultures and faiths. It is still […]


“I grow very fond of this place, and it certainly has a desolate, grim beauty of its own, that has a curious fascination for me.” ~Theodore Roosevelt This place, named for the author above, is Theodore Roosevelt National Park (TRNP), located in the southwestern region of a state clearly delineated by two main types of […]

In The Beginning – Part V

Here we go — Part V: Jumping forward to the fall of 2014 — it had begun, the preparation for Fly Without Wings. My husband and I, made the decision to debut Fly the second weekend in October of 2015 in the same historic barn as Celebrate, and the plan was clear — it would […]

In The Beginning – Part IV

Here we go — Part IV. Saying goodbye to Al after thanking him over and over for two memorable days, and his drawl replying, “Aww it was nothing”, my very sore body crawled in my car and headed north, not east. North into Theodore Roosevelt National Park on the hunt for that vivid picture, seared […]

In The Beginning – Part III

Here we go, Part III: Now leap forward to the year 2012. My first visit back to Medora since 2006 and my whole purpose was to photograph the wild horses. It was the fall of that year, late November, and lo and behold it was also the same time there was a huge elk reduction […]

In The Beginning – Part II

Fast forward to the year 1999—Living and working on a beef ranch in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia was where I fell in love with the art of photography, all because of a little pink flower called Claytonia Virginica or Spring Beauty that covered the forest floor. Standing in the forest meadow, mesmerized by […]