My Name Is BA Badlands

Good Morning from Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

Hi, my name is Badlands! That’s my mom off to the left in this picture. Her name is Cheyenne. She’s nice. See those brown things behind me? Those are bison. I’m not sure what to think of them yet. Mom keeps her distance but I would love to torment them.

Do you know what? I’m the oldest one out here. Yep, I was born on March 9th. My dad’s name is Mystery—-a big, black stallion. Handsome. Well I like to think so, because he’s my dad. I’m learning all I can from him. Except I’m not going to be caked in mud and dirt like he is. I heard what those two legged creatures call him, “Pigpen.” I hear I have a nickname too, and I’m sure I deserve it.

Bye for now. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of me!
“BA Badlands”