Expressing Love

Do horses express love?

Melissa joined us on Saturday from Colorado. Marylu left us on Sunday afternoon, but her years working with these horses will help us tremendously in our jobs over the next few months. Marylu’s well of knowledge on the bands, where to find them, and their history runs deep! She graciously and humbly shares what she knows and her passion and dedication is beyond words! What an amazing lady!

Without our fearless leader, Marylu, we headed to the park yesterday on our own. Three of us now – Lincoln, Melissa, and myself. The first item on the agenda was finding Little Sorrel’s band to see if Trouble’s Girl had given us the new foal we are all anxious to see.

We found them, yep, way, way, way up high on a butte. Yes way up high! Getting up was a grunt for sure, but a long time ago I learned to respect the wild life and find their routes and the wild horses had a well worn path to the top. Once we were there we stood in awe of the view. It was a huge plateau overlooking the southern part of the park and it was breathtaking! In a few weeks, as the grass greens, it will be lush and rich with forage!

We did not find a baby but her signs remain imminent. I believe we did find a bit of ourselves sitting their observing the band in the brisk March air and morning sun. Marveling at the beauty of the scenery and the spirit of the horses and so thankful for the opportunity to experience their lives!

So I ask you again, do horses express love? I imagine so. That is why I share with you this image we captured of the band stallion, Little Sorrel and his mare, Little Gray, expressing their form of love.

Have a wonderful Tuesday in your part of the world! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your support!