The Fly Hunt for Blaze!

I bring you this 2012 image of Blaze, wild band stallion in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

I decided to post this picture because we are going out to find him this morning.

At the end of a very productive and beautiful day yesterday, we (Marylu – North Dakota Badlands Horse Group, Lincoln – Chicago resident and a research tech, and myself) were sitting on top of Buck Hill (the highest point in the park) glassing the badlands below us for horses.

After much searching, I spotted Blaze all the way across the badlands at the bottom of a butte. He and his band were just tiny specs in our binoculars. Marylu brought out the “Behemoth” or “Bertha” as we call it, the giant spotting scope. As she was setting it up, Lincoln and I were watching the band through our binocs when they started running. I said, “Wow, I wonder what spooked them like that?”

Marylu is set up and had them in her sights when she said, “Well look at that. Vamoose is challenging Blaze.” Vamoose is a 2010 bachelor stallion. She was giving us play by play action of what was going on. Lincoln and myself took turns watching through “Bertha.”

Oh my goodness, my heart was racing and I was wishing I was one of the park eagles and could fly for all I was worth across the badlands below us to witness this act of nature first hand!  Marylu and Lincoln witnessed first hand how much that stallion makes my heart go pitter-patter!

I hope you find some pitter-patter in your weekend! Thanks for reading this long post and for all your support!