Fly Cuteness Alert #3

I can’t help myself!

“There is nothing quite so gentle, deep, and irrational as running—and nothing quite so savage, and so wild.” ~Bernd Heinrich

We had the park completely to ourselves today because of the overnight snow that layered the surrounding area with a thick white blanket! It was breathtaking!

Sidekick and his mares were close to the loop road and we were able to determine that Bella’s new foal, wee Bryce, is a filly! She had the cuteness hat on, playing in the snow and bravely approaching her older sister. Less than two days old she handled the snow and cold like a trooper!

Red Face and Thunder Cloud provided an entertaining moment thanks to Red Face’s mare, Lakota. She was totally the instigator and Red Face was having nothing of it. We stood in awe of the action and behavior. Watching Red Face thunder across the prairie to defend his mare was something! We could hear him coming long before we saw him. Although brief, I am sure this was a glimpse of what will come as the spring mating season approaches.

Denali slept through all the action and when her momma had walked away she woke up and realized she was being left behind! She nickered, not at all concerned, and raced to Frosty, bucking and kicking along the way! What’s not to love!

Good Night from Medora!