A Fly Reminisce!


Yesterday was a classic North Dakota March day. Howling winds, blowing wet snow, and cold temps! All the wild life literally disappeared in the park. We felt like we were in a time warp and the only life left on the planet!

One loan bachelor stallion, Flax, revealed himself to us in the morning, but only because he was on the leeward side of a butte directly in front of us on the loop road.

Reminded me of the week during Christmas and New Year’s when my husband and I spent a week in the park! Below zero temps, howling winds, and snow! That is when the journey to Fly Without Wings began.

To those of you new to my page, Fly Without Wings is going to be in October 2015. It is a photographic exhibition dedicated to the spirit of the wild horses. I am working part time as a volunteer on a wild horse research project here in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The remainder of the time working on my own collecting a body of work to bring back to Minnesota and share my passion with those who may not know much about these amazing animals!

My goal is to create a compelling body of work that will move even the non-horse person and raise awareness for the wild horses in America. I hope that fire in the belly comes through in my images and my viewers are moved to help and support the American Wild Horse and especially the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

All that said, I decided to share one of my favorite images from December!  Arrowhead! A wowza, jaw dropping, exquisite, and epitome of wild maleness bachelor stallion! Another one who makes my heart pound!

Have an amazing hump day in your part of the world! As always, thank you for all your support!!! We head out again today in search of the spirit of the park!