The Light of Fly

The light, the color, the textures and the subject!

The morning started overcast, moist, cold, very cold – windy, very windy and ended with beautiful sunshine and light. In spite of the weather we had a long, fruitful day in the field yesterday.

Before we went looking for Blaze early yesterday morning, we first headed out to see if Raven had foaled during the night and we were well rewarded. Lincoln spotted the little black dot first from the ridge line. Mystery, the band stallion, had them tucked behind a butte out of the wind down in the badlands. We needed to determine the sex of the baby so we discussed our game plan and our fearless trainer and leader, Marylu, took us down off the buttes only mountain goats would try! The band was skittish because of the new baby and we had to patiently trail them until they relaxed enough to stay in one place. Raven gave us a little, stout, bushy tailed black colt with the cutest face and a funky white design on his left hind pastern. He was only hours old.

Lincoln had the honors of naming this newbie! This year the theme for naming the Theodore Roosevelt National Park horses are national parks. (Will share pics and name of this little guy later. I want to respect the North Dakota Badlands Horse group and let them announce the new one on their FB page first!)

After several hours with the new momma, Raven, and Majesty’s band we were back at the vehicle and in search of Blaze. We were able to scope him again from Buck Hill and headed off again into the badlands, but this time we didn’t have to hike quite so far.

Leaving Blaze with his mares, one of them very close to presenting us with a baby, we continued looking for more bands and spotted Little Sorrel and his mares on the prairie close to the boundary of the park and easier to get to from the interstate. Off we went. By now it’s very late in the afternoon and the clouds had lifted and the day was still cold, but the light was taking on that special quality photographer’s love!

This is part of Little Sorrel’s band on a butte with the light giving them an incredible glow, bringing out the textures and color! 
What a way to end an amazing day!

Wow, sorry again for the long post but thank you so much for all your support and I hope you have an amazing Sunday! We are going out shortly to see if Trouble’s Girl decided to brave last night’s weather and present the world with a new life!