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In The Beginning – Part IV

Here we go — Part IV. Saying goodbye to Al after thanking him over and over for two memorable days, and his drawl replying, “Aww it was nothing”, my very sore body crawled in my car and headed north, not east. North into Theodore Roosevelt National Park on the hunt for that vivid picture, seared […]

In The Beginning – Part III

Here we go, Part III: Now leap forward to the year 2012. My first visit back to Medora since 2006 and my whole purpose was to photograph the wild horses. It was the fall of that year, late November, and lo and behold it was also the same time there was a huge elk reduction […]

In The Beginning – Part II

Fast forward to the year 1999—Living and working on a beef ranch in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia was where I fell in love with the art of photography, all because of a little pink flower called Claytonia Virginica or Spring Beauty that covered the forest floor. Standing in the forest meadow, mesmerized by […]

In The Beginning – Part I

“We dare not trust our wit for making our house pleasant to our friend, so we buy ice cream.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson My morning ritual, without fail, is adding Breyers Natural Vanilla ice cream to my coffee! Without fail! If you ever come to visit our house we will do our best to convert you, […]

The Pilgrimage Begins!

The year was 2002. That spring, the Queen Mother’s funeral took place at Westminster Abbey in London, a tiny country called East Timor regained its independence after two and a half years of United Nations administration and twenty-six years of occupation by Indonesia, a penumbral lunar eclipse was visible in eastern Asia, Australia, Pacific and […]

Wee Wild Ones – Part 3 – The Critical First Hours

Do you recall from Part II the critical timing of a new foal receiving colostrum? How is the situation different for wild horses than for domestic horses? In a domestic setting, breeders can measure the quality and antibody levels of a mare’s colostrum and determine whether the foal will need supplemental colostrum. Veterinarians and breeders […]

Wee Wild Ones – Part II – Colostrum – How Important is it?

What is colostrum and why is it so important? Colostrum is also called “first milk”, as it is the first milk produced in the mammary glands of a pregnant mammal, including both humans and horses. It appears thick and yellowish and is high in proteins and antibodies to help boost the newborn’s immune system. Colostrum […]

Wee Wild Ones – Part 1 – Their First Moments

“Born wild, the only thread to survival, a wily and wise momma, the will to take one’s place in the world, and millions of years of instinct.” ~Unknown Seeing a brand new foal for the first time is a magical moment. On wobbly new legs the tiny foal follows its mother, taking the first steps […]

The Rear – Level V

“You’re a tough guy, but I’m a nightmare wrapped in the apocalypse.”  ~James S.A. Corey Said one stallion to the other!  Here we are, rearing—the fifth level of agonistic behavior and more often than not usually displayed between stallions!  The reason:  to make your opponent believe you are bigger than him!  Rearing is technically only […]

The Bite – level 4

“Any woman who is sure of her own wits, is a match, at any time, for a man who is not sure of his own temper.”  ~Wilkie Collins Avoiding at all costs ‘the bite’ is wild, harem mare, Bella.  Her band stallion, Sidekick, had had enough of her stalling and was anxious enough to get […]