Be A Beacon

“Be an anchor for a mustang, be like the North Star the beacon of inspiration and hope, to guide and lead, to be their torchbearer to a new purpose and freedom.”



Welcome to the new series, Star of the North Mustangs!

Star of the North Mustangs is inspired by Jamie of This Mustang Life and her Mustangs of New Jersey photography series.

Jamie introduces us to stars like Dusty, Taote, and Drifter! Jamie is raising awareness for Mustangs living in New Jersey, highlighting the extraordinary mustangs burned with the symbol they will carry with them for life — the brand of freedom lost.

Star of the North, is the Minnesota version, and is one more opportunity to bring light to how incredible mustangs are and to raise awareness for the tantamount importance of adopting a wild mustang and providing a forever home. We will also demonstrate to the world their undeniable contribution to our human souls. Their brand is the symbol that defines them for the rest of their lives, the brand of freedom lost, but a new purpose and wild heart willing to be a part of a new herd, a human herd who cares.

Star of the North Mustangs is taking to the road here in Minnesota (and surrounding states) to bring you stories of mustangs who have lost their precious wild freedom, only to find new purpose with a human. Loved and cared for, changing the lives of those humans who had the courage to adopt, and now the constant reminder of how precious and tenuous freedom really is for animal and human alike.

If you have a mustang, or know someone who does, and want your story or theirs to become a part of this engaging and compelling series, please let me know. My email is!

Thank you for watching and more importantly thank you for being a beacon for America’s mustangs waiting to be adopted!


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