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“The local stories told by rocks in all parts of the world have been stitched together into a great global tapestry – the geologic timescale. This “map” of Deep Time represents one of the great intellectual achievements of humanity, arduously constructed by stratigraphers, paleontologists, geochemists, and geochronologists from many cultures and faiths. It is still a work in progress to which details are constantly being added and finer and finer calibrations being made.”

― Marcia Bjornerud

What is the importance of a geologic time scale in relation to Blaze?

In the ginormous story of the rugged landscape that Blaze called home, we catapult back to the beginning and slingshot to present day, laying the foundation for how truly insignificant, but at the same time powerful, the horse was to the development of North Dakota and all of  North America, to the first peoples, and to our existing culture.

Presenting this hypothetical, geologic time scale is a tool to provide the viewer a sense of where we fit in the overall history of our amazing home, Earth. We will build on this history to show how important the horse was and still is to many humans and how this relates to Blaze and his ongoing story, even after he changed worlds five years ago!

(This is a hypothetical time scale based on information provided through research on the earth’s history. A few of the key points relate to Theodore Roosevelt National Park in some fashion. It is not meant to be a scientific debate on when any of the events occurred.)

Wild stallion, Blaze in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Blaze changed worlds on or around March 19th, 2017, fighting with another band stallion near his winter range.

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