Wild Wings That Fly

“Gives you the wings that only you know
Those are the things that make you free
And it’s like flying without wings
‘Cause you’re a special thing
You are flying without wings”
~Fly Without Wings, The Song

On a rainy day in June, four wild stallions were on the Boicourt Ridge in the storm. They are from left to right, the bachelors Circus, Wind Canyon, Trooper, and finally the band stallion Blaze. Three wise and seasoned warriors with two-year-old Trooper, the new kid on the block!

It had been pouring down rain and I was huddled in my car with a dear friend, Pam, waiting for the rain to let up when the four stallions decided to put on a show!

Have an awesome weekend in your part of the world! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Your support means a lot! Make it a great Friday and thank you for sharing the story of the wild ones!

~ Deb

Wild Horses Running