Wild Warriors

“Only as a warrior can one withstand the path of knowledge. A warrior cannot complain or regret anything. His life is an endless challenge, and challenges cannot possibly be good or bad. Challenges are simply challenges.” ~Carlos Castaneda

A Warrior! Wild Warriors! That is all I could think about working on the image of these two wild stallions. The oldest stallion in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, bachelor stallion and former band stallion, Singlefoot, born in 1996, and the beloved bachelor, Copper, also a former band stallion.

Intense and rugged, and not willing to give up the fight, they live their lives wild and free to face what ever challenges come their way!

Have an amazing evening in your part of the world! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and for sharing the story of the wild ones!

~ Deb

Wild Horses