Good Morning from Medora!!!

The sun is shining, it rained last night, it is brisk out and I am on going on the hunt for the pitter-patter man, Blaze! It is going to be an interesting hunt because of the moisture yesterday. In this country it turns the ground to a concoction called gumbo.

It turns the buttes into slippery slides, hidden until you have made that fatal step and you go sailing, it cakes to your shoes and dries like cement, making each step another five pounds, and it turns a nice person crabby! To combat the gumbo, I am putting ice cleats on my boots. It won’t help the caking on, but it will help the sailing! Hopefully, it won’t be as bad as I have seen in past years and maybe I won’t even need them!

We have a total of ten foals so far, five girls, five boys. We found two more on Tuesday! One we knew for sure and another unexpected one, who BTW is the cutest little button EVER!!! White lashes on one eye, black lashes on another! I can’t wait to share their pics with you and how YOU could own your own wild horse from Theodore Roosevelt National Park! Stay tuned!!!

Today, I am sharing an image from a snowy day on March 26th and the day Lakota was a naughty mare and stirred up trouble between her band stallion, Red Face, and another band stallion, Thunder Cloud. I bring you this because of the classic example of Red Face ‘snaking’ Lakota back to the band. I love it when the stallions do this behavior, never get tired of seeing it.

Have an awesome day in your part of the world! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support! That means so much being far away from home!