Wild Illumination

Who wants to see an image? I am so in need of a brain break I’ve decided to share an image that is for sure going to be in the show, Fly Without Wings, in just a few short weeks – October 9th, 10th, and 11th.

Why this one? Because I miss the park. I love the vastness of the land and how I can see forever and ever into the far-reaching badlands of  Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and then there are the wild ones running across the ridgeline with the sinking sun, bathing them in the glorious glow of the letting go of day. Yes, I wish I were sitting there right now.

My husband, Michael, brought the artist proof home last night and it made my heart soar and the cares of the day vanished. The paper I use to print my work on brings out the most amazing detail in an image and I am always in awe of what a high-quality fine art paper captures. I felt like I could run right alongside wild band stallion, Redface’s, yearling and weanling.

I hope you enjoy. I know this is a little different post than normal. I would love it if you would come up with your own personal quote for this image and share it with the rest of us!

Thanks for all your support and have an amazing Thursday in your part of the world! Sharing your love of the wild ones and their stories is certainly making a difference for the 49,000 plus wild horses in this great country, America!

~ Deb

Wild Horse on Hill