“Hidden in the glorious wildness like unmined gold.” 

― John Muir

Wild Hearts are in this image! The band stallion, Blaze, and his mare, Diamond.

It is Tuesday, April 14th. Melissa and I arose at 4am to search for the mating ritual of grouse, called lekking. We did find their grounds and witnessed the life cycle of spring that few get to see. Life gives us good and life gives us bad, either way it changes us, adds to the layers of experience that shape how we see life.

I love the wild hearts in this park, the wild horses, antelope, bison, prairie dogs, elk, deer, all the birds, flowers, plants, land, (okay even snakes), but I also love seeing the people who come here looking for that something that brings solitude and peace to their busy lives.

May your Tuesday be filled with a wild heart encounter, and if it is not, find someone to hug! Have a great day in your part of the world! Thanks for all the support and encouragement!