Wild Heart Throb


“You enjoy making my heart stop, don’t you?” ~Julie Kagawa
Yesterday was successful AND I did not have to hike all day to find him. Meet the pitter-patter stallion, Blaze!
He brought his band out of hiding and made it way too easy. In fact, I was a bit disappointed when I saw them on a small butte, in some burned out trees only a half mile off the road. The hardest part was getting up to them without spooking them off the butte. One yearling gave me away when I crawled out into the open (the climb was straight up) but they relaxed and the next two hours were interesting.
This stallion has a distinct bubble and a distinct way of carrying himself. He moves like a lion, slowly, deliberately, head down, step by step toward you, and when he turns that one blue eye on you, you freeze! He stops and slowly brings his head up and stares! OMG…..my knees tremble! But one small movement into his bubble and away he flees!
I will never get tired of this stallion!
I finished the day finding a new life! The cutest little colt! A “Black Beauty” mark on his head! At least that was my first impression when he popped up out of the grass! Life doesn’t get any better!
Have an awesome day in your part of the world! Tomorrow I will share how you can be a proud owner of a wild horse from Theodore Roosevelt National Park! Oh and be ready for a major, major cuteness alert! This little guy is going to melt your heart!