A short post on this Sunday morning from Medora.

We are up to twelve foals now. The last one born to Crow two days ago is the spitting image of her/his momma. Crow, so far, has been the wariest mare and will not let us even begin to get close enough to sex the foal. It did not help her comfort level having a herd of bison not too far away. These horses are on high alert when bison are roaming about. I am too!

It is fun to meet people in the park! The past two days I have met Chad, a local who has helped in the park on prior years, and a sweet, pretty lady from Indiana! Pam! Pam, I hope your pasque flower image turned out and your next trip out you are able to capture cute foal pics!

Now, meet the stallion Cloud! He has a small band and usually very visible in the park! He has a mare you can’t miss! Her name is Chubby and she aptly lives up to that name! He also has Flicka and the most handsome yearling in the park, Bentley! Bentley loves to model! Bentley is going to have a little playmate soon, I believe!

Have an awesome day in your part of the world! I hope it is filled with sunshine and NO wind! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support!