“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

~David Thoreau

This morning arrived waaayyyy before dawn. Yesterday we found the pitter patter stallion, Blaze, in amazing landscape. We had walked through some strange and alluring formations to get to him and I thought they would be beautiful to photograph at sunrise, during the ‘golden hour’.

When we found Blaze on Friday, the sun was at it’s transit, and the light was harsh and unforgiving. So I was hoping Blaze would still be in the general area with his band and the sweetest (no lie, seriously) the sweetest little filly I have ever laid eyes on! I truly wanted to photograph him in the dawn’s early light.

So I left my hotel room at 4:30 am, after waking up at 3!

Driving though the park watching the burnt orange dawn creep up from the horizon line, all I could think about is how amazingly blessed I am to have the opportunity to be here.

As I hike in, loaded down with all my gear, the meadowlarks are calling in the day, the grouse are hooting and rattling and making their strange noises they do during lekking, and the blue birds are gently singing with the rising of the day. It is cool enough to wear gloves and layers and I am silently wishing I had one more layer. I come to the area where the formations are and I see a horse! Lil Brother’s Girl with the dawn light just hitting her mane and tail. Wow!

I duck back behind a butte to drop my pack and get my gear ready and just as I have my camera on the monopod, Blaze appears! I am not ready yet! Dang! Hurry up Deb, you have less than a minute before he is going to bolt!

Here he is! Not as close as I would have l liked but I will never complain about the most amazing light of the day!

I promise to share pics soon of little, tiny, cute as button, Pinnacles! Domino’s sweet filly!

Have an wonderful night! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all your support!


PS – The David Thoreau quote was provided by Carol, one of my Facebook followers from Spain! Thanks Carol!!! I’m sure I will be using the one you posted on the pic of Gunnison too!