“Walk tall as the trees,

Live strong as the mountains,
Be gentle as the spring winds,
Keep the warmth of the summer sun in your heart,
And the Great Spirit will always be with you.”
― American Indian

Remember the day of the buffalo encounter? Well this majestic and regal stallion was who I was searching for. His name is Coal.

A few days prior to this he had one mare and a two-year-old in his band. Now he has two mares, Busy Blue and Betty Blue, and Betty Blue’s yearling filly, Dawson. He has now banished two-year-old Trooper from the band.

Wandering the park alone is handsome, sixteen-year-old, Wind Canyon, former band stallion of Betty Blue and Dawson. Will this last? Time will tell. Coal has moved and hidden his tiny band. Each time we drive the park the soap opera’s continue.

Have an amazing day in your part of the world! Happy May Day!

black horse