Wage a Battle

“Sunset encroached upon daylight 

like a powder burst from the mouth of a crimson cannon—orange and gold ribbons shot forth to wage a battle against the clouds. 

The western horizon was obscured by a glow like a living thing.” 

~ Marsha Ward, Ride to Raton

Playing catch up back here in Minnesota! Sorry for the long lapse between posts, living where we do in rural Minnesota internet is limited and very expensive! I have been working diligently on the body of work for Fly Without Wings and also finishing projects for customers. Only ten more weeks until opening night! Yikes!!!!

I hope your Saturday sunset is bursting with orange and gold as was wild band stallion, Red Face, on June 10th! Thank you as always from the bottom of my heart for your support and for sharing the wild ones!

~ Deb

Wild Stallion