View From The Office

This is completely out of my normal post today, well the pic I am going to share is.

Last week, April 14th, my husband’s sister, Karen, and her husband Dave, drove from Hudson, WI on Wednesday and drove home on Friday morning. That is 585 miles one way.

Karen and I are doing an exhibition together at the Anderson Center in Red Wing, MN, in October of 2016, and she wanted to experience Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the wild horses. We will each show our own work, but we are also collaborating on works. Karen has developed a technique using my horse images on clay that become wall hangings.

We had a whirlwind day on Thursday and I tell you, they were the best luck charms EVER!!! We saw seven bands of horses before 1:00 and ALL of them either on the loop road, near the loop road or within easy walking distance. They discovered Juniper’s, Gunnison with me, the mare in Silver’s band we had been hunting for a week. Lincoln, Melissa and I are lucky to see five bands in a whole day!

We drove north of the park boundaries and met some local horses (I didn’t realize how much I missed smelling and loving on a horse) and a local rancher who entertained us with his stories in his easy, slow cowboy drawl.

They embraced Lincoln and Melissa, and a local photographer, David, who I met the same day they were here! Who by the way is talented and has a wonderful soul. They met Cowboy Lyle.

Karen carried a small point and shoot camera that captured some pretty awesome shots! She emailed me this on April 21st:
“Just thinking of you hiking the beautiful ND Badlands today and seeing those amazing horses. I love looking at my pictures and have the mental image of several in my head when things get a bit stressed at work. When I think of the peaceful horses and the beauty that surrounds them, I remember to breath and relax!!”

She also shared this image of me at work. It was early Thursday morning and the first band we saw was Gary! We hiked out a short distance and were working our way to them. They were all staring off at something and I was trying to figure out what they were seeing. I will try and share with you in the next day or so what we captured that day!

Karen is an amazing potter, amazing! Her work is like no other pottery, each piece is a work of art. She also incorporates horse hair into some of her pieces! If you get a chance visit her website, I think you will be surprised at what you see. Her work is outstanding — I am ever so humbled by her talent, and generous, sweet, loving, and caring spirit! Dave, her husband, is just as awesome! I love them both to the moon and back!

Geez I get carried away when writing! Thanks again for reading this long post! I hope you enjoy the view from the ‘office’. Have an awesome day and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support!