“The wounded recognized the wounded.” 

― Nora Roberts, Rising Tides

Wounded and bleeding, the two warriors fought like the wild aristocrats that they are over Thunder’s band of mares.

It was a sight to behold!

This morning Thunder’s mare, Ember’s Girl, gave him a new foal. A filly, cute as button! We have been watching his band closely for this new life. Lincoln and Melissa texted to let me know it had finally arrived! Marylu and I headed in their direction to meet this new wonder!

It was heart wrenching witnessing the pain Thunder was in after the long day defending his mares. His injured right leg was swollen, his wounds are many, and he was gaunt and drawn up. He gingerly laid down next to a cedar tree and rested.

After the new filly, Cascades, woke up and Ember’s Girl moved away with her, Thunder managed to get up and with a serious limp, follow behind.

Lincoln and Melissa said that Copper had been nearby, but we didn’t see him while we sat watching the new foal. If he wants his mares back, now would be the time.

We hope Thunder can hold his band, well some of us do. There are other’s rooting for Copper to get his three mares back. One of the mares being Ember’s Girl. Whatever happens, life is never dull for the wild horses of TRNP.

Good Night from Medora!

(This is Thunder Cloud from yesterday’s all day row with Copper.)

Wounded horse