The Threat – Level 1, Part 2, Mares vs Stallions

“Intruder on level one. All aliens, please proceed to level one.”

~Anna Lee

I chuckle again at this quote….”Intruder on level one!” In my mind I can hear Maiden saying to the young ones…”Don’t worry, I got this alien!”

Maiden’s laid back ears (the black mare coming in from the left of the image) clearly exhibiting the first level of agonistic behavior at the threat of the alien intruder, wild, band stallion Flax.

Flax (at the bottom of the image) with his gorgeous arched neck tipped toward Maiden and the rest of the harem. Flax is clearly on the prowl for new ladies and had approached from below Sidekick’s harem the morning of this image. It was quite exciting, one of my favorite mornings of behavior observations—stallion/stallion, mare/intruder stallion, harem mare/band stallion. I am sure you will be seeing more images from this morning.