That Lightning Bolt

“…that lightning bolt was mine” 

― G.G Marquez

This lighting bolt was Satellite’s!!!

I worked in my room yesterday morning trying to be inspired to title two images going into an exhibit at the Anderson Center on July 11th. Lincoln texted me from the park and said Circus of all stallions was at Jones Creek parking lot!

Off I headed racing in front of a storm front and hoping I would find Circus before he headed back to his normal haunt across the Little Missouri.

Reaching the parking lot I saw several bands standing on a ridge and moving fast! Reacting, no time to plan or think, I jumped out and shot several images and then raced across the prairie to catch them as they poured over the ridge down into a valley.

After the brief moment of excitement I turned around and running toward me was dear, sweet Pam!!! We had a blast hanging out together and chasing storms and stallions!!! Little did I know what I would find when I downloaded pics last night!

Whew……raining again this morning…..have an awesome day in your part of the world!

wild horses with lightning