Spreading Light

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that receives it.” 

~ Edith Wharton

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m still in my pajamas!

I am very thankful for the heavy sky, wind, lack of light, and cold today on the plains of North Dakota. I finally convinced myself it is okay not to arise at 4 and head out to the park. Since March 19th, it is the first day. Also on my 4th cup of coffee and getting caught up on much needed correspondence!

Taking a serious look at what I have for images to date and which ones are potential Fly Without Wings exhibit prints. Of the body of work so far, where are the strengths and the areas to improve. I continue to research the history of the horses of TRNP and how to incorporate that into the exhibit and the slideshow.

Understanding where the horses have come from sheds new respect and insight on who the herd is and the historical value they bring to the North Dakota region.

Also looking at which images will go into a special edition photographic book we are thinking about offering at the exhibit. Emphasis on thinking….it is tempting, but costly, but we have not ruled it out.

In six more days Michael, my husband, arrives on the train!!! In seven more days, my dear friends, Christine and Carissa arrive! Counting the days! I haven’t seen my husband since leaving Minnesota on March 18th, although we talk daily and sometimes twice a day.

Just got a text from a friend in the park. Can’t resist, I’m headed out! Have a great Saturday night in your part of the world!