Press Time!

A big thank you to free lance journalist, Virginia Grantier, for enriching the journey to Fly Without Wings even more! She drove to Medora, hiked with Robin and I to Lindbo Flats to truly get a taste of what live was like capturing images of the wild ones! Her artistic and thoughtful spin on the life for the wild ones is beautifully written!

The day she came to interview me, she witnessed Cloud and his band running toward the Little Missouri and she immediately knew who he was! She had spent two hours reading my blog and studying the horses to get a better idea of who and what they were about!

Virginia spent time getting to know the people around the horses, like Marylu Weber and included Marylu’s story about harem mare, Molly, and the stallions who fought over her!!! Virginia had the most wonderful questions to ask, thoughtful and interesting, like who the most gentle horse was in the park, or who was the prickliest grouch!

An additional thank you to Mary and Doug at the Amble Inn and Western Edge Books, Artwork and Music in Medora for turning Virginia on to the story and for making my three month stay at their Amble Inn a home away from home!  Another huge thank you to Robin McQuinn for making this journey even more special! A huge thank you to North Dakota Badlands Horse group, Marylu Weber, and Deb and Bob Fjetland for planting the seed to take on the research project and for all their support and encouragement over the last months!  A bigger thank you to my two sidekicks, Lincoln Eddy and Melissa Thompson for making the three months memorable!

Hope you enjoy her article! This one is from the Grand Forks Herald and was brought to my attention by several of you wonderful followers! Thank you!

Photographer captures Theodore Roosevelt park’s majestic wild horses!