Holy Week and Easter, a time for reflection, meditation, and spirituality. I bring you what we found yesterday. A day complete with all of the above as we searched and found two new foals.

This is Pretty Girl and her new colt. Daddy is Red Face! Isn’t he something? We found him about 1:00 yesterday, but our friend and native of Medora, Cowboy Lyle, found him around 7 am. You can see Lyle’s pictures on the North Dakota Badlands Horse group page! Be sure to travel to that page to see all the exciting news they share! Rumor has it his name is going to be Yosemite! Yosemite Sam is Lyle’s favorite cartoon character, plus a National Park, so it all works! We all agreed the name fits the newest addition to the wild horses of
Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

The first foal we found yesterday has a pretty awesome story. Before I share her images, I need to sort my thoughts through because she made me cry. Well it wasn’t just her, it was the band and what they did to protect her. Powerful!

May your Easter be blessed and your day filled with reflection! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support and encouragement!

Hugs from Medora!