Everything is Luminous

“At sunrise everything is luminous but not clear.” 

― Norman Maclean, A River Runs Through It and Other Stories

The chill was in the air this morning in Theodore Roosevelt National Park! Enough chill to see your breath and enough light bouncing from the giant, yellow orb to slice through the cool dawn air and illuminate the majestic bachelor stallion, Wind Canyon!

After I took this image he stood for several minutes in that pose, taking in the air, and then, just like that, headed east, not leisurely, but with a purpose! Staying with him for two miles he finally disappeared over a hill.

What was he up to? On a quest to take back his mare, Betty Blue and his yearling Dawson? They are now with the wild band stallion, Coal and have been for several weeks.

Seeing him standing there on the hill standing so majestic and strong—-makes one wonder how he could let his mare get away?

Have an awesome evening in your part of the world!!!