Dust of My Dreams

“The dust of my dreams swim spiced incense smoke.” 

~ Cameron Conaway, Bonemeal

The last six days have been filled with fellow photographer friends visiting from Minnesota who were with me to capture Cloud on the ridge line and the bison on the sunrise, new photographer friends from Bismarck spending a late afternoon with me capturing this image, and another random meeting of a friend from Minnesota who spent a rainy late afternoon with me in the park, and last night finishing the foggy—rainbow day with my research team mates at dinner and meeting their new summer roommates. More friends!

I see a theme! Life is about sharing! No fun to share alone…friends add the extra special spice to the moment! Who else is going to relive a moment with you that only they experienced? Years down the road I can say to Ray….remember the Cloud shot? He will immediately say, “Oh yes, how can I ever forget you hitting me in the leg and you saying….’you better get THAT shot’, and then the ensuing fling of words at the scene unfolding and the dance outside the truck when you didn’t get the shot you wanted!” That same scene converting another friend from a non-horse lover to his cover photo the image he took of Cloud on a ridge line at sunset!

On to this image….another moment shared with new friends. Both of whom I have met in the park since arriving in March! Both wonderful, gentle souls and in love with their camera and what they see through it! We hiked through tick invested sage and grass to get to Little Sorrel’s band, keeping an eye out for a bison over the hill, soaking in the moment of the setting sun and the dynamics of the band taking dust baths together! Peace, quiet, sounds of crickets, frogs singing, and of the horses grazing.

Yes….life is better shared with friends!

Thank you to each of you who follow this page, near and far, for sharing my journey to Fly Without Wings with me! Without your support and ongoing encouragement it would not be as much fun! Your comments and shares keep me motivated.

I hope you enjoy this dreamy, dusty, spiced with smoke image of Trouble’s Girl and her filly. Have an amazing day in your part of the world!

Race horse