Bonnie and I

Bonnie and I are hitting the road! Saying goodbye to Lander. Next stop Salt Lake City!

Over the South Pass I’ll crawl….the winds gusting to 75 mph! I’m nauseous thinking about it.

So as Bonnie, as in Raitt, drawls… “Sometimes I miss that feeling of falling….” I’ll turn her up to drown out the wind and hope I don’t “fall over the ledge”!!! I hate to share what the temp is here, because I’m afraid you’ll throw left over Easter eggs at me, but it’s 60 and sunny!

Enjoy this handsome stallion! He lives in McCulloch Peaks and was facing off with the big grey coming at him. They call this handsome wild one, Kenya!

Thank you for all your Easter Blessings, I hope your Easter was filled with the love of the one above! Many hugs to each of you!

Wild Horses

(Kenya, a wild stallion in the McCulloch Peaks HMA near Cody, Wyoming facing off with the big gray!)