Beauty Surrounds Us

“Beauty surrounds us.” 

― Rumi

Late yesterday afternoon a storm rolled through Medora! The gully washer type. Dragging behind it was an evening sky flowing with colors and textures and horses basking in the cool air! Five bands to be exact in a valley surrounded by the lushness of the badlands! Wet and dirty they were, a respite from the heat of the day.

We, Marylu, Robin, Ashley, and myself, stood watching the antics of the foals racing, rearing, bucking and kicking. Red Face and Cocoa were having a go over a pile of poop. Yes they do that. It’s a stud thing. Yearlings were playing, two-year-old’s picking on yearlings and tormenting their mother’s. Mares having it out with their stallions. The rest quietly grazing. It was like a gathering of human friends and family at a summer picnic the way they were interacting.

As the sun set Satellite decided to join the gathering! What a scene, the setting sun…..yes…life is good.

Have an amazing Saturday in your part of the world!!!