Always Roaming

“For always roaming with a hungry heart.” 

― Alfred Tennyson

Good Sunday Morning from Medora!

Today is Medora’s Annual All Horse Flag Day Patriot’s Parade! The wild horses of TRNP will be well represented by former wild horses who have been gentled and become excellent partner’s to their humans! The entries to this parade are limited only to horses and horse drawn carriages! It is going to be filled with photographer’s eye candy!

The TRNP wild horse stars, Hawk and Fire, will be doing a ‘hoof’ signing at Western Edge Bookstore starting at 11 am this morning!

Hawk and Fire have been in the park this week riding with their sidekicks, Marylu and Henry Weber, and visiting their old haunts where their kin live, such as our two young lovers in this image, Flax and Mischief!

Flax is always roaming with his young mare in his handsome and regal attire, and Mischief quietly and obediently follows his direction.

Have an awesome Sunday in your part of the world! Thank you as always for your support and for sharing the story of these amazing horses!