It is Sunday in Medora. A day of rest. Well catch up really, laundry, groceries, correspondence, shower (I have done a few of those) and an early morning hunt for images. So not really a complete day of rest. After the high winds and rain last night and the cooler overnight temps, the park called out at 6:30 this morning.

Tiny wisps of clouds floated in the dawn sky, puddles of water everywhere, cool breeze and not a horse in sight! Wouldn’t you know it! I kept driving and thought, “Hmmm…I think I’m going to see Wind Canyon this morning.” Around the loop road I continued and sure enough there were little white and dark specs on the horizon line. Through the binoculars stood Betty Blue and her yearling filly, Dawson. Wind Canyon should be close by.

As I step out of the car I hear a lovely sound, water running through the gullies. On goes the backpack with camera gear, on goes the winter jacket and the gloves, on goes my favorite winter hat. Double check to make sure I have spare battery, car keys, and phone and off I go. About 20 yards! Oh ya, that sound of water running, yes I have to cross that. “Shit,” I say to myself. Okay, time to test the new boots in the car. Back I go, put on the waterproof boots, and let’s try this again. Piece of cake!

Up through the valley I head, following the trusty animal trail and 15 minutes later I see Wind Canyon. He sees me too and off he goes taking Betty Blue and Dawson with him. Okay buddy you aren’t getting away that easy. I have all day! Another 15 minutes of climbing and I hear a snort from behind some cedars.

Now it’s time to be patient. Slow steps, turning my body away from them so I don’t appear aggressive, relax my leg just like they do and after 10 minutes they relaxed and let me work closer to them.

The morning is glorious, the sky is now dancing with clouds and the wind has picked up considerably! After an hour with them, Dawson’s curiosity just got the better of her! Closer she works to me until she fills my viewfinder with blowing hair and bright intelligent eyes! I am so thankful for the 400mm lens my husband made sure I had before I started this project.

Here she is! Dawson!

I hope your morning was filled with inspiration! Thanks so much for all your support and for sharing! Have a blessed Sunday!